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"Neither is the firm limited only to accounting services. A&A's analytical and counseling skills were invaluable in our recent acquisition of a surgical centre, and in the expansion of our dental/surgical practice here in New Jersey. The firm and its subsidiaries also offers a comprehensive suite of professional, business-related services, which are aimed at increasing productivity without diverting the business owner's attention to his or her operations. From employee screening and selection protocols, to payroll and compliance issues, to tax planning and wealth creation, preservation and management, Arlia & Associates is only firm to consider. Put succinctly they offer Wall Street calibre expertise, with the added personal touch of Main Street. And that's not an exaggeration. Read More...

 - John D. Petkanas, D.D.S.

“We’ve had a really nice experience [with Arlia and Associates] and Lora did a good job of explaining things clearly”

– Melezat P.

[Arlia and Associates has been very efficient. I have been coming for a few years and everything is very satisfactory, especially with Fatima.”

– Susan G.

“Fatima and Paula, everyone I speak to, are just great. [Arlia and Associates] is on point and I love working with Fatima.” – RoseMary B.

“I have been with [Arlia & Associates] for 10 years and everything has been great”

– John L.

“I have nothing bad to say. [Arlia and Associates] is lovely and Fatima is phenomenal. You are all very present and the office is wonderful. I would definitely refer you.”

– Mary F.

“I love Lora, she’s the best.”

– Christine P.

“Everyone we have been in contact with has been great. We’ve been with [Arlia and Associates] for a couple of years and have enjoyed working with Fatima.”

– Paul B.

“I have been with [Arlia and Associates] for 17 years now and I am very happy with your services!”

– Vincent C.

“Our experience with [Arlia and Associates] has been great. We really like Lora and highly recommend her. It’s easy to schedule appointments and the late hours are very helpful. Even the packaging of our returns is great—overall, we are very happy.”

– Fahriye S.

“Arlia and Associates are the best! They are the only ones I trust with my taxes as they helped me solve a big problem my previous CPA had created for me. Not all CPAs are created equal! And Arlia and Associates are the best!”

– Rafferty P. (Studio98)

“We keep coming back every year, and never have any trouble. The process is quick, easy, and is well worth the cost.”

– Stanislav Z.

"Frank and Lora have personally showed me the ropes when it comes to numbers! Lora is an absolute pleasure to work with and is always there for me with an answer! We put our business in their hands, and trust in them to guide us in the right direction."

"[Arlia & Associates] has been managing our business for the past five years and we are very satisfied with their service. They always work as a team and manage to resolve any issue. They are very helpful, knowledgeable and professional. They are the best accounting team in Staten Island and we will continue keeping our business with them."

- Greta Finkel of FAS Electric

"Tax time is a very stressful time of year. Since I've been working with Arlia's office it's been relaxing, because I know that I am in very good hands."

 - Helen Mayers, Property Manager

"Always great to deal with the staff... they answer all my questions...very smart, courteous, and reliable...would recommend them"

 - Dominick Vaiana, Local Business Owner

"Tax season arrived, and I picked up the phone with my accountant as I had done for years. To make a long story short, I wasn't able to contact him; lucky for me! I was frantic while i searched through the [phonebook] for a new accountant. Luckily, I chose Arlia & Associates. I didn't have to wait weeks or days for an appointment. I ended up with a return that was nearly double to what I would have received with my old accountant and I was treated with patience and reassurance. This proves that change is good! Thanks Arlia & Associates."

 - C.P., A Satisfied Client

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